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GOAL: To encourage staff use of new and developing technologies.

    • Supervisors are responsible for integrating technology training with the unit's tasks.
    • Staff are encouraged to attend on-campus computer training seminars.
    • Unit Heads are responsible for designating resource people within their unit.
    • Manuals and/or documentation will be readily available within units for staff to consult when needed.
    • Supervisors will incorporate the use of technologies with daily/routine tasks.
    • Supervisors are responsible for monitoring time spent using technology to assure that benefits are in proportion to the time spent.
    • Etiquette implies that desk areas are private, allowing for co-workers and supervisors to have access to work-related files.
    • Staff are encouraged to maintain confidential/personal files in a secure area.

guideline adopted 1/30/95, edited 8/13/04