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All original copies of Library owned software are to be kept in the Library's IT Services Department. This precaution against loss or damage to program disks applies equally to drivers or installation disks for specialized hardware components as well as to specialized software programs. Where a unit needs to keep specialized hardware/software within the unit, the unit is to copy the original disks and accompanying documentation, provide the originals to LITS, and is responsible for keeping such documentation/software copies in a central, supervised location; the unit is to treat such materials as unit reference materials.


To the extent possible, staff should keep all documents and email resources on network drives, not on their work computer hard drives. DoIT has sophisticated back up mechanisms in place for files stored on network drives and email servers; LITS cannot offer similar services for files stored on hard drives. Staff should store all computer documents on their departmental and personal network drives (I: and H:, respectively). Staff are also encouraged to configure their access to email to allow storage of the email on UMBC's email servers and not keep email on the hard drive of their work computer (LITS staff can assist with such configuration).

guideline written August 13, 1996, edited 8/13/04, 10/02/10