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To ensure safe and suitable conditions for library users and collections, the Director of the Library interprets and applies University policies to avert disruption of the Library, its staff and users.

Potentially hazardous, damaging, or disruptive behaviors are prohibited from the Library and Gallery building. "Disruptive" behaviors are those behaviors which substantially interfere with the ability of staff or users to carry out their legitimate library tasks efficiently in the building. The limit of the right to use the building shall in general be that which is implied by the rights of others to their use. Examples of prohibited hazardous or disruptive behaviors include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Soliciting or other interference with the study or research of library users, or with staff work.
  • Bringing bicycles into the building.
  • Wearing roller skates, roller blades or riding skateboards in the building.
  • Bringing into or otherwise allowing to enter the building dogs, cats, or other animals, except those which are certified to render adaptive services for disabled users (e.g., seeing eye dog), under whose control they may be admitted.

Library staff at the entry/exit control point should bar persons exhibiting these or other disruptive or potentially disruptive or hazardous behaviors from entering the Library building. Most persons will cooperate with verbal instruction to take off roller skates, not bring in dogs, etc.

However, some persons exhibiting these or other disruptive behaviors may persist in attempts to enter the building. Others may initiate disruptive behaviors inside the building. These cases should be handled as follows by Library staff:

  1. repeat clearly and explicitly as "the final time" that University and Library policy prohibit "obstruction, disruption of, or interference with any University activity of an academic nature...."
  2. request to see the person's student ID card (or other picture identification - campus regulations and State law require that they produce identification upon staff request).
  3. Complete an incident report, including the person's name and other information from the ID card (see standard form attached as Appendix A). Forward report as indicated.
  4. Call campus police (x3133) for assistance if necessary or to remove disruptive person(s) from the building.


  1. The Library Atrium and the Building Lounge are reserved for the use of UMBC faculty, students and staff when the Library is closed.
  2. See also Library Guideline 231 for separate regulations and procedures concerning excessive noise, smoking, food and drink which are prohibited in the Library


Library unit head meeting minutes 9/28/92
Previously implemented guideline revised 9/28/92; rev. 3/13/03, 4/30/03 editing, 12/2/03
PM: \ACCESS\disrupt.230 rev