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When a library patron claims that an item still charged out to him/her has been returned to the library, he/she may request that the library place a "Claims Returned" on the item.

To initiate the Claims Returned process, the patron must complete a Claims Returned form.

A Claims Returned may be taken by Circulation Staff over the telephone but the user will need to come into the library to sign the Claims Returned form.

The following policies will apply to this procedure:

  1. Items Claimed Returned will be searched for a total of 4 times within a 40 day period. If the item is found in the library, the item will be discharged from the user's record and all fines will be waived.
  2. The patron is encouraged to continue searching for the item while staff search for it in the library. If the patron finds the item and returns it to the library, he/she will be assessed any overdue fine that has accrued.
  3. If the item cannot be found, the following policies will apply:
    • Item replacement charges transferred to the Bursar's office will not be rescinded or waived until one of the following conditions are met:
      a. Item is found by library staff
      b. Item is returned by the patron
    • A patron may have ONE OCCASION with a maximum of 3 (three) items without assessment of charges. An item that is Claims Returned will be removed from the patron's library record if charges have not been sent to the Bursar's office. After this one occasion of Claims Returned, OR IF THERE ARE MORE THAN 3 ITEMS BEING CLAIMS RETURNED (even on a first occasion), the user will be billed full lost book charges for any Claims Returned items not found in the Library after 4 searches. These charges include the replacement cost of the book, a $35.00 processing fee and a possible overdue fine.
  4. The patron WILL be responsible for the overdue fines that have accrued if the item is found on the shelf and it is not:
    a. Stamped
    b. Sensitized
    c. Returned in the system

guideline revised 7/14/04, 8/4/09

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