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I. SELF-SERVICE PHOTOCOPYINGTo support faculty teaching and research, the Library allocates limited numbers of photocopies per year, through restricted use campus cards, to academic departments and programs upon request. Allocations and the overall budgetary impact of this support are reviewed and approved by the Director of the Library, consulting campus administrators as appropriate. Funding for this program is from public photocopying revenue.

When academic departments need additional funding for photocopying under this guideline, they contact the Library Administrative Offices to verify that they have a remaining positive balance in their annual allocation. The Library Administrative Offices staff informs the department of what funding is available. If no funding is available, the academic department is free to add value to existing cards or cards they purchase at their own expense. If funding is available, then the academic department arranges with Campus Card Administration for either new debit cards or adding value to existing cards, up to the amount of funding available. For example, the academic department may choose to add value to 5 cards at $40 each or 8 cards at $20 each, etc., depending on amount allocated to department. Amounts are electronically placed on the cards by Campus Card Administration.

Once these arrangements are made, the department contacts the Library Administrative Offices again to convey the serial numbers assigned to the cards and the amount of funding placed on each. The Library Administrative Offices staff then contacts Campus Card Administration via fax or email with the PeopleSoft chart string to cover the costs, up to the amount of funding available. After payment is settled, Campus Card Administration delivers the cards to the Academic Department.

Departments/programs may then distribute the allocated cards among faculty, graduate students, or others according to their own internal guidelines. If faculty (or other cardholders) exhaust their department/program cards, staff should direct them to replenish their cards by purchasing copies from vending units in the Library, charging either their department or grants, or paying personally


UMBC faculty may also request that Library staff photocopy specified library materials for them. Charges to faculty for citation retrieval/handling and photocopier or microform reader/printer exposures are established by the Circulation Systems Librarian in consultation with the Director of the Library and other Library staff as appropriate (e.g., Special Collections Librarian for copying of Special Collections materials). Faculty must sign photocopying requests to (1) authorize Library staff to charge the designated account(s) for costs of the photocopying commissioned, and (2) accept responsibility for copyright compliance. Procedures, forms, etc., required to effectively implement staff photocopying of faculty requests are devised as necessary by the Circulation Systems Librarian in consultation with other Library staff.

previously implemented guideline
written 7/22/92; 8/22/08; previously approved changes to Section I transferred from F:drive 9/29/08  LD

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