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  1. Decision Process
    After all designated candidates have been interviewed for a Library position, the Business Manager or designee(s) from the Search/Screening Committee will solicit all interviewers' reactions. The Committee will then meet and discuss the applications, interviews, and staff assessments of candidates, as well as those written letters of reference (and/or notes from telephone references) received. The Committee recommends to the Director of the Library that appointment be offered to one (or more) of the candidates, or that the search be extended or aborted. The Director reviews the Committee's recommendation and determines an appropriate course of action.
    If appointment of a particular candidate is advisable, the Director or designee may call this candidate to: (1) inquire if the candidate has any further questions about UMBC or the position duties, salary, etc., and (2) ascertain that the candidate is still actively interested in the position. In accord with University policy, no direct or implied commitment of employment can be made; the Director will indicate explicitly that the call is not an offer of employment.
  2. Justification and Approval Required
    The Search/Screening Committee then prepares a memorandum addressed to the Director of Human Resources and Human Relations (with copies to the Provost and Director of the Library) which explains in the context of published job requirements why the particular recommended candidate was selected and others interviewed were not. This memo of justification is signed by Committee members and then initialed by the Director of the Library to indicate his/her concurrence in the recommendation.
    The Business Manager or other designee then assembles a packet consisting of the following:
    • the justification memo
    • copy of finalist's resume [for Associate Staff or Faculty positions]
    • the personnel requisition with finalists coded according to Human Relations instructions. As of July 1987 the actions codes used are SEL = Selected, INS = Interviewed but not selected, NS = No show for interview, DEC = Declined interview. The Library has also used Wdrew = Candidate interviewed but subsequently withdrew.
      These materials are then routed for approval and signature by University officials according to established University procedures. Until full signed approvals are received, no offer can legally be made to the leading candidate. No information about candidates' statuses should be given out until that final offer is made and accepted.
  3. Hiring
    Following receipt of written approval from all required University officers, the Director of the Library or Business Manager makes a immediate verbal offer to the approved candidate. Regardless of candidates' acceptance or rejection of the offer, the verbal offer must be followed by a written offer. Written offers should outline at a minimum the employment status and title of the appointed position, any special conditions or clarifications appropriate to the position, the effective/start date, and the starting salary. The candidate is asked to respond in writing to the offer. Associate Staff are also sent a copy of the current UMS Personnel Policies and Rules for Associate Staff as required by that manual.
    Upon receipt of written acceptance of the appointment offer (or rejection of the offer) the Business Manger completes appropriately that section of the Personnel Requisition dealing with appointment. If the approved candidate has withdrawn, these procedures resume at the appropriate "selection decision" stage described above.
    When an approved candidate has accepted appointment, or if the search is being extended or aborted, all unsuccessful candidates are notified in writing by the Business Manager of the status of the search.

guideline revised 9/23/92, updated 12/10/10 msb