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The contemporary academic library is a remarkably complex and rapidly evolving organization which relies heavily upon energetic and knowledgeable staff to organize collections and provide services to users. Accordingly, it is particularly important that staff and supervisors work together to develop the knowledge and skills of staff in order that they may function effectively and efficiently in the Library now and as it evolves in the future.

  1. Following receipt from the Library's Administrative Offices of hiring paperwork, the UMBC Office of Human Resources schedules and conducts general orientation of all newly hired Library Faculty, Exempt Staff and Non-exempt Staff (in permanent line positions). Information concerning employee benefits (for example, health care and retirement plans), as well as the general policies and procedures associated with their appointment status is provided to faculty and staff.
  2. A staff member from the Library Administrative Offices or a designee conducts additional general orientation of all newly hired staff (in permanent line positions). A range of information is ordinarily provided staff during the first day(s) of work, including:
    • organization of Library
    • role of supervisor
    • probation period
    • availability of guideline & procedure manual(s), including confidentiality of library records as an important example
    • Library administrative staff and functions payroll information: time reporting, over/comp time eligibility, holiday leave, and leave request information
    • telephone FAC procedures and code
    • keys and security codes w/ instructions as needed
    • tour of building

      See the New Hire Checklist and the New Librarian Orientation Checklist in the I:LibDocs\mentoring folder for a more complete list.

  3. The immediate supervisor (and/or the unit head) explains specific job duties and responsibilities, specific procedures, or areas of program authority to each new employee. In some cases such explanations may be verbal, in others, extensive detailed written information may be assigned for study. In many cases, staff are expected to guide themselves in development of new skills through active consultation of software or system documentation.
    New librarians are expected to actively participate in planning of new their activities and development of their skills by applying professional knowledge and national standards in analysis of program needs, consulting unit head(s) or others as appropriate.
    Regardless of staff level and type/quantity of orientation or training information available, included in the supervisory orientation to the position will be discussion of performance standards and expectations (with initial review/completion of the University's standard performance evaluation forms (or textual goals statements for faculty members), for example probation or Performance Management Process - PMP - forms). The supervisor and employee will also establish a normal work schedule for the employee.

Implemented:  9/14/92; rev. 8/31/09 lw; rev. 12/10/10 mb; ed. 12/20/10 lw