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first, to promote use and appreciation of library collections;
second, to promote appreciation or further study of a particular subject, preference to be given to those of relevance to UMBC course offerings or Library collection strengths.

Eligibility: Library faculty (others require sponsorship by a member of the Library faculty)

Description of Exhibit Conditions:
what: material may be drawn from library (preferred) or personal collections. Display of items from Library collections must be arranged in advance with responsible unit (e.g., Media, Special Collections, Circulation) and properly signed out for temporary display. Items from personal collections will not be insured and the University will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage -- see sample acknowledgement form attached (to be developed).

ordinarily only 4 flatbed cases in the Library rotunda only. Staff member responsible for the exhibit must receive orientation to proper operation and care of the cases - see checklist attached (to be developed). Walls in the rotunda or area may not be used.

exhibits to be displayed for a specific scheduled period, ordinarily one month. Cases will not be available when needed for Gallery exhibitions. Schedule to be maintained by Administrative Offices staff i consultation with Special Collections and Exhibitions staff.

A. Interested staff should submit a brief prospectus describing the intended exhibit to the Director of the Library or the Chief Curator.

B. Prospectus to be considered by Director or the Chief Curator in conjunction with calendar of availability, events calendars, etc.

C. Evaluation criteria to include

  1. promotion of library collection use
  2. educational value
  3. evidence of balanced approach to topic
  4. variety of media and subject area compared to previous exhibits
  5. visual interest and overall quality

All assembly, installation, and removal must be done by a faculty or staff member responsible for the exhibit. The person responsible for the exhibit shall assure attention to quality since this is a prominent location and the work will reflect on the Library & Gallery. Exhibit should include:

  1. clear accurate labeling of all materials by staff member
  2. 1 page description with finding aid/guide to further study/appreciation
  3. clear indication of exhibit responsibility/contact information

references: Library Council meeting 5/22/00

guideline written 4/27/00, revised 2/2/01, ed. LW 8/2/12