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On August 19, the NCAA announced that UMBC Athletics had received full certification. Please see the URL:

This site contains material related to the recent NCAA certification review. Every ten years, universities participating in Division I athletics must be certified as meeting NCAA rules and regulations.

 The NCAA certification process consists of five steps.

  1. A steering committee is established of individuals outside Athletics to perform the review. For UMBC, the steering committee membership is listed here.
  2. The institution undergoes an initial detailed review of specific criteria required by the NCAA. For UMBC, we have listed our initial reporthere.
  3. The NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification (CAC) reviews the material for completeness and requests followup information. For UMBC, there were approximately twenty items (out of 100 questions) they wanted followup information on. That material is listed here.
  4. The NCAA does a site visit to insure we are doing what we described in the written responses. This site visit is led by a team of outside reviewers from similar NCAA institutions.
  5. The CAC reviews the findings from the site visit and determines whether the program is recertified (waiting to be done).

The NCAA requires that each campus develop detailed plans for monitoring the status of gender and diversity compliance in Athletics.  The major activity supporting the gender and diversity plans was the establishment of a Gender & Diversity Equity subcommittee within the Athletics Policy Committee. The subcommittee will annually review the data and metrics defined in the plan and issue a report to the full Athletics Policy Committee and Provost highlighting the status of efforts during the past year. For UMBC, the review commitee noted two major goals:

  1. Under gender - increasing the number of women head coaches. Head coaches play an important role in Athletics and head coaches often move on to positions in Athletic administration.
  2. Under diversity - increasing the overall diversity of the Athletics administration. UMBC has excellent diversity amongst student-athletes but needs to increase diversity in the athletics administration.

We encourage the UMBC to comment on the material presented by adding remarks through the Wiki "Add Comment" link below. For further information we have listed some key contacts below:

Athletics Director, Dr. Charles Brown,
Associate Athletics Director, Kathy Zerrlaut,
Athletic Policy Committee Chair, Dr. George LaNoue,
NCAA Faculty Athletic Liaison, Dr. Marvin Mandell,
NCAA Certification Chair, Jack Suess,

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