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This is intended to be a relatively short list of resources on using Python as a language for a first course in Computer Science. Send suggestions or comments to





  • ACM SIG CSE - Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education


  • cs21 - Introduction to Computer Science, Swarthmore.
  • MIT 6.01 The new version of this required first course for EECS majors at MIT uses Python and not Scheme.
  • MIT 6.189 - MIT's 6.189, A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python offered in January 2008

Course Materials

Tutorials and guides

  • Python by Examples - A nicely done site that shows examples of the most useful Python Library functions, methods, and classes.
  • (the eff-bot guide to) The Standard Python Library - Free pdf versions of chapters from Fredrik Lundh's 2001 book. He also has many short articles on python online.

Blogs and feeds

Programming Environments

  • IPython - Enhanced interactive interpreter
  • bpython - Simpler enhanced interactive interpreter
  • DreamPie - Another enhanced interactive interpreter
  • RUR-PLE - Robots environment with real Python, and lessons

Python Modules

  • NumPy - Scientific computing/Linear algebra/Arrays package for Python
  • SymPy - Symbolic manipulation/Computer algebra package for Python
  • PIL - Python Imaging Library (image processing and 2D graphics)
  • PyUnit - Unit testing framework for Python
  • LEPL - Recursive descent parser library for Python

HTML Presentation Tools

  • Crunchy - Crunchy is an application that formats and delivers html-written Python tutorials inside a browser window, adding interactive elements and snazzy navigation.
  • Slidy - This is the package that the W3c recommends.
  • S5 - Simple Standards-based Slide Show System. Several enhanced/alternate version are available, including S5 1.29 , S6 and S9.
  • webslideshow - "Discussion forum/mailing list about free web slide show alternatives such as S5, S6, S9, FullerScreen, Presentacular, Slidy, Codex, and friends."
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