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Before You Begin...

 At the beginning of each term, scheduling coordinators will create a new class section for each class that will be offered by their department that wasn't included in the class roll.  (The class roll is when the registrar's office rolls the prior like term's schedule to the next term.) 

You should have the following information prior to beginning your new class section:

  • Term
  • Department (this is the Subject field in PeopleSoft)
  • Catalog Number (for the course)
  • Instructor
  • Meeting Pattern (when will the class meets)
  • Component (lecture, lab, discussion?)
  • Instruction Mode (in person, online, hybrid)
  • Enrollment Capacity (how many students will be in the class)
  • Waitlist (will you offer a waitlist for the class?)
  • Permissions (will this be a permission only class?)
  • Reserve Capacity (will you need to reserve space in the class for a subset of students, such as Seniors, Majors, Milestones, etc.?)

Click here to view the step by step guide to add a new class section.

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SA Tip

A lot of the information populated in the class section is pull from information in the Course Catalog.