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Before You Begin...

When creating a new class section, work with the instructor to determine if they would like to have a wait list for the class.  The wait list will allow additional student's to request the class after the class enrollment has reached the room capacity set for the class.  If it is determined that a wait list is going to be used for the class, enter the number of students to add to the wait list in the Wait List field for the class.

Some additional information regarding wait lists:

  • You can create a wait list for as many students as you wish.  
  • Students on the wait list will only be enrolled in the class after students on the class roster have dropped the class via the add/drop process.  
  • Students on the wait list are enrolled based on their ranking on the wait list.  However, if a student is on a wait list and they have a conflict with their schedule, they will be bypassed on the wait list until they resolve the conflict.  SA will not allow a student to enroll in a class that has conflicting meeting times.
  • The wait list is cleared on the 5th day of the term for fall/spring semesters.  The wait list is cleared the day before the term begins for Winter/Summer semesters.
  • If an instructor grants permissions to students to by pass a wait list, they will receive priority over wait listed students.


Click here for additional information regarding how instructors grant permissions to students.

Click here for additional information regarding how instructors manage wait lists for students.


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SA Tip

 You can use the wait list as a guide to determine if you need to consider adding another section of the class.  If you plan to use it for this purpose, set the wait list capacity to the same as the enrollment capacity.  This will allow you to see how many additional students are interested in taking the class. 


Still Need Help?

Contact the Registrar's Office at or 410-455-2500.