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Before You Begin...

Reserve capacities are used to reserve a certain amount of seats for a student group.  When a reserve capacity is used when scheduling a class section, it will ensure that students within a student group will have priority when registering for the course.  When creating a class section, you indicate what student group should have priority when registering and how many students will have a reserve capacity.  This is an option scheduling feature but one that ensures the right students are able to take the class if necessary. 

Examples of student groups include, but are not limited to, Academic Level (such as Senior), students with certain majors, and location (such as Shady Grove.)


Need Help Searching?


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SA Tip

 If a student group that you require is not included in the reserve capacity list, please contact the Registrar's Office for guidance.

Still Need Help?

Reserve Capacity requires additional training from the Registrar's Office.  To inquire about additional training, please contact the Registrar's Office at