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Before You Begin...

 Every semester the class schedule is rolled from the prior like term.  After a class section is created, you can edit any component of the section to ensure it is correct for the current term.

You should never edit the Start and End dates for a class as this is related to the term for which the course is created.  All other fields can be edited UNTIL students begin registering for the class.  Once a student enrolls in the course, the class association field can no longer be edited.  All remaining fields can continue to be edited as needed.

Some common fields edited after a class is scheduled include:

Be sure that you DO NOT EDIT the following information:

  • Exam tab
  • Course Equivalent (located on the Basic Data tab)
  • Start and End Dates (located on both the Basic Data tab and the Meeting Pattern tab)



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SA Tip

Remember that you cannot edit cross listed/combined section classes.  To edit these classes you must submit an RT ticket to the Scheduling Queue.

Still Need Help?

 Contact the Registrar's Office at or 410-455-2500.