Grade Rosters are generated by the Registrar’s Office after the last day of classes for a term and are available to class instructors the following day.  Only the instructor of record as listed in the schedule of classes can enter grades for their class(es).

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1.After logging into myUMBC, click on Guide - Classes & Grades - Teaching Schedule.

2.Click the Grade Roster Icon  next to the desired class to view the Grade Roster. 

 Note:   The Grade Roster Icon will only appear after the grade roster has been generated by the registrar’s office. 

3. Once the grade roster opens for the course, locate the desired student and use the drop down menu in the Roster Grade column to assign the student their grade. 

4. Repeat for each student.

 Note:   To enter the same grade for multiple students at the same time:

 a.    Select the checkbox to the left of the student’s ID number.

b.    At the bottom of the window, select the desired grade for the selected students.

c.    Click the  button.

5. Did you enter grades for all of your students?  If yes, go to step 8.   If no, continue to the next step.

6. To save the grades you have entered, scroll to the bottom of the page and click .

7. A dialog box will appear reminding you to approve the grade roster.  Click OK to continue.

8. After entering grades for ALL students on the roster, locate the Grade Roster Action section of the page.

9.Select the Approval Status drop down menu and select Approved.

10. Click  .

Once the status is changed to Approved, the roster is no longer available to be edited.  Any changes or late submissions require a Change of Grade Form.

Business Process

If your grading access is set to Grade only, then you do not have access to approve the grade roster.  You must set the Approval Status to Ready to Review, and then notify the primary instructor that the grade roster is available for final review and approval. 

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