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There are several reasons why you might need provide a permission number to grant a student permission to take your class:

  • A class is full (select the Closed Class check box.)
  • A student does not meet the prerequisite requirements to take the course (select the Requisites Not Met check box.)
  • An undergraduate student wants to enroll in a graduate level class (select the Career Restrictions check box.)
  • A combination of the above.

The first step is to generate permission numbers for your class.  Once you create the permission numbers, you will give one number to each student who wants to register for the class.  You will need to identify the reason for the student's permission by selecting the appropriate check box(es) for the permission number.  See the SA Tip for the definitions for each check box.

Remember, each number can only be used once.  Be sure to note (in the comment section) which student is receiving which permission number.


1.Log into myUMBC and click Guide--> Classes & Grades --> Class Permissions.


2. Use the search fields to locate the class for which you need to grant permissions.

3. Once your class opens you must navigate to the correct section of the class where you want to grant permissions (use the arrows on the right of the Class Section Data to scroll through the sections.)   Hint:  If your class has a lecture and lab (or some other class type), ensure the section you select has the Class Type = Enrollment Section.  If it does not, scroll to the correct section with the appropriate Class Type.

4. Enter the number of permission IDs to create in the 'Assign More Permissions' field.

5. Click the Generate button.  A unique number is generated for each requested permission.  This is the number that you will give to a student who requires permission to your class (when the class is not permission only.)

Once you are ready to give a permission number to a student, follow these steps:

6. Click on the Permission tab.

7. Select the check box the correlates to the reason you are granting the permission.  (You must select the correct reason to ensure the student can successfully register for the class.  You can select as many check box reasons required for each student to register for the class.)

Reason Checkbox


Closed Class

Class is Full

Requisites Not Met

Pre or Co-Requisites not met by student (only operates when departments utilize the automatic prerequisite checking within SA.)

Consent RequiredThis field must be selected for all permissions. It indicates that the instructor grants permission for the student to take the course.

Career Restriction

Undergraduate Student trying to enroll in a Graduate course

8. Select the Comments tab.

9. Enter the name of the student who received the permission number and who provided the number to the student.

11. Click Save.

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