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Before You Begin...

The Schedule of Classes is available within the myUMBC Classes & Grades Topic. You can also access the Schedule of Classes directly within the Advising Center.  The steps below walk you though the steps to locate the schedule of classes from the Advising Center.

As part of your advising meeting with a student, you can view the schedule of classes to help the student do future planning for their schedule.


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Step by Step

1. Go to myUMBC and navigate to Topics > Advising & Student Support > Advising Center. (You can also click this link to access the Schedule of Classes.)

2. Search for a student using the Empl ID or Campus ID number (The most accurate way to locate a student is to ask for the student's Campus ID number.  If you do not have access to the number, you can search for the student using the PeopleSoft search for the campus ID field.). 

3. Ensure the correct Institution, Career and Term fields are entered in the fields provided.

4. Select the Schedule of Classes link.

5. Select the desired Term from the drop down menu.

6. Enter at least two Class Search Criteria.

  • Select a Course Subject
  • Enter a Course Number (i.e., 101),
  • Select a Course Career (undergraduate/graduate/continuing studies).

7. Click the Search Button. 


If you are entering the Schedule of Classes as a student, go to myUMBC > Topics > Classes & Grades > Student Schedule & Registration.  If you use this method to access the Schedule of Classes, start with Step 5 above.  The student can also use College Scheduler.










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