Before You Begin...

Swapping is a registration process that allows you to simultaneously add and drop a class.  When you choose to drop a class using the Swapping option in SA, the class you are trying to drop will not be removed from your schedule until you are successfully enrolled in the added class.

The steps below begin after the student has logged into myUMBC.  Note that the steps are from a student's perspective after logging into myUMBC.

When swapping, you will first select the class that you want to drop, then you will select the class you want to add.

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Step by Step

  1. From myUMBC, select Profile > Registration.
  2. Select the Student Schedule & Registration link. The registration page in PeopleSoft is opened.
  3. Select the Swap Classes link.
  4. Click the Swap This Class drop down next to the course in which your are currently enrolled, and choose an option to select the course you want to swap into:
    1. With class from search allows you to select a class using class search
    2. With class from planner allows you to select a class that is currently in your planner.
    3. With class from shopping cart allows you to select a class in your shopping cart.
    4. With class from class number allows you to select a class using a class number.
  5. Choose any available enrollment options and then complete the swap.