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Before You Begin...

The Degree Audit is a tool designed to display requirements that a student needs to complete towards their undergraduate education at UMBC. The report displays the courses that a student has in-progress, completed, the grade they received, when they completed each course, and what is required for completing each graduation requirement.

As an advisor, this information should be used to help a student select the appropriate types of courses they need to consider during registration periods to ensure they successfully meet their graduation requirements.


Step by Step

  1. Go to myUMBC and navigate to Topics > Advising & Student Support > Advising Center.
  2. Search for a student using the Empl ID.
  3. Ensure the correct Institution, Career and Term fields are entered in the fields provided.
  4. Select the Degree Audit link.
  5. The Degree Audit opens to show the student's academic requirements and summarizes their progress towards degree completion.


Status Icons:


  = successfully completed the course

  = student is currently enrolled in the course.



SA Tip

The Degree Audit report is a great tool to use when meeting with students and helping them to determine which classes they need to complete in order to graduate on time.  This report should be used each time you meet with the student to determine their classes for the next term to ensure they stay on track.