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  1. How much is the charge for the CMI courses?

    will be received indicating you have enrolled in a CMI course.  CMI Questions? Reach out to the Bookstore. Detailed information can be found on their website Also, their phone number and email address can be found here, too. cmi bookstore course-materials-initiative
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  2. AOK Library Resources for the CMI

    the library for any reason. library cmi print-on-demand circulation course-materials-initiative
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  3. Helpful Tools on VitalSource for the CMI

    , note-taking and highlighting. Pretty cool, right? To ensure you have access to all the tools the Course Materials Initiative (CMI) offers through VitalSource …   tools vitalsource cmi bookshelf
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  4. How does the CMI benefit students?

    The CMI was developed to benefit students by offering: Lower-priced course materials. Who doesn’t want that? Access to your course materials by the first … . Single sign-on. Tired of having to log into multiple sites to access your course materials? This Initiative makes that problem go away. When you enroll in a CMI
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  5. What if I am retaking a course that is part of the CMI?

    If in a previous semester you were enrolled in a course that is now part of the CMI, you will not need to pay for the same course materials, given your ancillaries have not expired yet. Please note, the length of ancillary access varies from title to title. If you retake a course that was part of the CMI in both
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  6. Can a Book Loan or Scholarship be used to pay for the CMI charge?

    There is no need for a financial aid book loan for the CMI charges. The charge is automatically billed to your student account when you enroll in the course and is paid like any other charge. Any excess financial aid loan or scholarship disbursements will also apply against open CMI charges.   cmi scholarship
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  7. How do I get a physical copy of the textbook required for a CMI course?

    VitalSource. Acceptable forms of payment are limited to debit cards and credit cards.   cmi bookstore course-materials-initiative
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  8. What happens if I am wait listed for a class that participates in the CMI?

    to the book and ancillaries.   cmi bookstore course-materials-initiative waitlist
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  9. What happens if I begin a CMI course but end up dropping it?

    to the course materials through your VitalSource account.   cmi bookstore course-materials-initiative refunds
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  10. Where on Blackboard can I find my CMI course materials?

    chosen device(s). Click on the My Blackboard dashboard and view your Bookshelf.   cmi blackboard bookstore course-materials-initiative
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