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Accounts at SAR:

Once fees for a LOST item are transferred to an SAR account, the amounts are payable at the UMBC Cashier's Office. If the item is returned, a rescind can be made which will credit the account with the proper amount. The following time guidelines apply to these rescinds:


If an item is returned within three (3) years after the due date, and the account is still active in SAR, the replacement cost and processing fee will be rescinded in full. Library fines and account service charges will NOT be rescinded.

INACTIVE ACCOUNTS: (No current activity or outstanding charges)

Items returned after one (1) year beyond the due date will receive no crediting of fees.

NOTE: Accounts with charges at Collection Agency are considered ACTIVE.

Any refunds due to the patron will be handled by the UMBC Cashier's Office.

Library Payments:

If an item has been paid for at the library, then is returned within one (1) year after the due date, the replacement cost and processing fee will be refunded in full. THIS REQUEST MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE ORIGINAL RECEIPT GIVEN TO THE PATRON AT THE TIME OF PAYMENT. Please make the patron aware that this kind of refund may take up to six (6) weeks to process.

Approved 01/28/97