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  1. Access your Ultra course.
  2. Create an Ultra document. 
  3. Click Add Content.
  4. Click on the Insert Media button on the far right of the content editor toolbar.
  5. Choose Insert / Edit LTI Item from the dropdown menu.

  6. When the Content Market panel opens, scroll down to select Panopto Content Market.

  7. After Panopto launches, find your video. Click on the radio button to select the video.

  8. Click on Insert in the lower right corner.
  9. Confirm the display name by clicking on the black Insert button.
  10. Click Save.

Your Ultra document will now display a Panopto video. You can add text, images, files, etc. before or after the video.

Steps 4-9 in this workflow can also be used for Ultra discussions. 

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