This feature will be available after August 6, 2020.

Faculty can embed media from certain websites. These include: Panopto, VoiceThread, YouTube, Vimeo, Flipgrid, SlideShare, Quizlet, Soundcloud, VidGrid, Prezi, KhanAcademySpotify,, and NearPod

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  1. Create or edit an item with a content editor (e.g., Document, Discussion, Assignment, Test, Announcement).
    • If new, click on Create Content.
    • If existing, click on the purple plus to add new content or the overflow menu (...) to edit.
  2. Click on the media icon.

    Select the media icon on the Ultra content editor toolbar

  3. A small overlay will open on the screen.
    • Enter the share link from the media service in the Media URL field
    • Enter a brief description in the Alternative text field.
      Add the share link to the URL field and a description

  4. Click Insert.
  5. Continue to edit the content above and below the media insertion.
  6. When finished with the overall content, click SAVE.

Each website will have its own process for sharing links. 

SiteWhere to Find the Share LinkComments
PanoptoSee → How do I share a link or embed a Panopto video?If you want the video to display larger in an Ultra page, please see → How do I embed a Panopto video in an Ultra document or discussion?
VoiceThreadSee → Getting a share link for a VoiceThread Apply the same process for embedding a larger version of a VoiceThread
YouTubeSee → Sharing a YouTube link Select the COPY option to select only the link. To link to a specific part of the video, check the "Start at" setting and enter the start time before you copy the link.
VimeoSee → Sharing a Vimeo linkTo share a video link that will begin playback at a specific point, add #t= followed by the timecode of where you'd like playback to begin.
FlipgridSee → Sharing a Flipgrid videoWith Flipgrid, students do not create accounts. Educators provide students a Flip Code and students enter this on the Flipgrid app or at
SlideShareSee → Sharing SlideShare filesClick the Share button to the bottom left of the SlideShare player.
QuizletSee → Sharing a Quizlet set

Only public Quizlet sets can be shared. You can change a set's visibility to make it public. You can share password-protected sets using the steps above and then sending the password separately.

SoundcloudSee → Sharing a private Soundcloud trackSecret links have tokens (some extra numbers that make your link unique, unsearchable and unguessable) at the end of your track’s URL, so anyone with the secret link will be able to listen toyour track. 
VidGridSee → Sharing a VidGrid linkBefore sharing your video, make sure to set up your permissions to specify who can see specific videos. 
PreziSee → Sharing a Prezi view linkA view link allows anyone with the link to view, but not edit, a presentation.
Khan AcademySee YouTube above.Khan Academy videos are posted to YouTube. Use the same process for sharing a YouTube link.
SpotifySee → Share music from SpotifyThe share feature will share a playlist even if you’ve made it secret. The recipient can view, play, and follow it, and they can share with others who can also view, play, follow, and share it. If you’ve set the playlist to be collaborative, any recipient can also edit the playlist. 
Genial.lySee → Share a Genially interactiveA Genially must be published in order for it to be shared.
NearpodSee → Generate a Nearpod codeYou must launch a Nearpod session to generate a code. Once a code is generated, you can select the link to embed in an Ultra document. NearPod self-paced lessons expire after 30 days unless you choose to extend them.