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  1. Go to and click Sign In in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Enter your UMBC email address on the Login screen and you will be directed to enter your UMBC password. 

  3. On your home screen, click Schedule

  4. You will be directed to enter the Meeting Topic, a Meeting Password (auto-generated or customized), and select the date and time. If this is a recurring meeting, check the box for Recurrence and select the appropriate recurrence pattern and end date.

  5. Under Attendees, enter any email addresses for people you want to invite to the meeting - OR if you don't want to invite attendees through Webex, you can copy the meeting link in Step 9 and paste it directly into an email or calendar invitation.

    If you want co-host(s) designated, invite them here and click the person icon next to their name to designate them as a co-host. NOTE - Co-hosts must have a UMBC email address. More about Co-Host Abilities

  6. Click Show Advanced Options then Audio Connection Options.
    Under Entry and exit tone, you can select Beep, Announce Name, or No Tone. Selecting No Tone is helpful to minimize distractions if someone joins a meeting late.
    Under Mute attendees, unchecking Allow attendees to unmute themselves in the meeting will prevent attendees from unmuting themselves in the meeting - the host has to unmute them manually. This is helpful for large Webex meetings. 
    Check Always mute attendees when they join the meeting to automatically mute attendees upon entry.

  7. Under Scheduling Options, you have many options for customizing your meeting. Some useful features include: enabling Automatic Recording, Breakout Sessions (Pre-assigning attendees to particular sessions is done here), and Unlocked Meeting Options (Note: UMBC users can always join unlocked meetings. The options under unlocked meetings pertain to non-UMBC users. Lock the meeting to restrict UMBC users from joining automatically).

    Click Schedule to finish scheduling the meeting. See more about disabling chat or other attendee privileges.

  8. If you want to copy the meeting information to send to attendees, click the squares in the upper left-hand corner to copy the meeting invitation. Always make sure to give attendees the meeting link and the password.

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