Adobe Acrobat DC is available for use in the GenLab, GenStaff, Modeling, and Graphics and Design pools. All other requested Adobe products are available exclusively in the Graphics and Design pool

  1. Locate the Adobe product you need in the Start Menu and click it to launch the program.
    1. Note: If you are accustomed to launching Adobe applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud app on other devices, that method will not work in the VDE. Please open the Adobe product you need directly.

2.   Enter your UMBC Email Address and click Continue.  Note: if you sign-in with a non-UMBC Adobe account the software will not license properly. 

3.  Select Company or School Account to proceed.  Note: If you select Personal account here, the software will not license properly.

4.  Sign-in with your UMBC credentials when prompted.

5.  Enjoy using your Adobe product.

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