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myUMBC can create and manage a Team in Webex Teams based on the members of your Group. This Team will only be visible to members (not followers) of your Group and all members will have access to the "General" Space within that Team. Any member of the Team can create additional Spaces within the Team that any other member can join.

This feature is only available for groups with fewer than 5,000 members. This is due to a limitation of Webex Teams.

These steps can only be completed by an Admin of the myUMBC Group.

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  1. Log In to myUMBC and go to your Group.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Check the option for "Webex Teams" for "Enable Webex Teams for this group?"
  4. Click Submit Changes at the bottom.

Your group may take up to an hour to be created and add all members. Once this initial setup is complete, changes to membership should be immediate.

Once this feature is enabled, you will have a new Join Webex Chat button on your Group's Home tab that is visible to members: 

We recommend using the Webex Teams desktop application for complete Webex Teams functionality. 

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