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STEP 1: Sign into your UMBC Blackboard account

Note: the login information is the same as your myUMBC login. 

STEP 2: Select “Organizations” located on the Blackboard dashboard to the left

STEP 3: Select “Organization Catalog”  in the upper right corner of the Organization page to search organizations in our Blackboard system 

STEP 4: Type the name of the training / organization you wish to join and select “Go

STEP 5: Select the downward arrow next to the organization and click “Enroll” 

STEP 6: From the Self-Enrollment page, click “Submit” to enroll into the organization

STEP 7: Navigate back to the Blackboard Organization page, and you'll see the organization listed

Note: At this time, users can only self-enroll into Blackboard Original Organizations. 

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