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  • These steps are intended for the Host of the meeting to follow. Panelists will not have identical privileges.

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Before Event Begins
  1. Start a Practice Session for all panelists (Mobile devices cannot join practice session)
    1. Check audio and video for each panelist
    2. Share multimedia captioning link (must be the Presenter to do so)
    3. Assign the Presenter role to the panelist who will be sharing their screen and check that they can share content
    4. Are you missing panelists? Check the attendee list and promote any panelists who have joined as attendees.

  2. End the Practice Session 5-10 minutes prior to the start time of the event.
    1. Click RECORD. 
    2. Mute any panelists with background noise when they don't mute themselves
    3. Monitor chat and Q&A throughout the event. 


  • Host and Presenter should be different people - it's very hard to share your screen and run the event at the same time.
  • Panelists using phones and tablets cannot join a Practice session
  • Always record to the cloud
  • Event Recording and Reports will appear in your Webex account within 24 hours following the event. You will receive an email when the recording is ready.

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