A password can be used on a Blackboard test for different reasons:

  • You add a password because you want some students to take the assessment before others. You can release the password only to the first group of students. The students who take the assessment later can't preview the assessment before they take it.
  • You can add a password for a supervised or proctored assessment. Students show proof of identity, receive the code from the instructor or proctor, and take the assessment in the classroom.
  • In an Ultra course, you add an access code to prevent students from submitting assignments or taking the test after the due date. 
TIP: Use a password when you want to lock a test or prevent late submissions while still allowing students to view their grades.

About Terminology & Usage

In an Original course, you will set a password. In an Ultra course, you will set an access code

  • Passwords for Original tests have a limit of 15 characters and are case sensitive. You cannot apply a password to an Original assignment. 
  • At this time, access codes for Ultra tests are generated randomly by the system. You can't customize the access codes. Access codes can be assigned to both tests and assignments in an Ultra course. 

In both scenarios, you must give the password or access code to students so they can take the test. 

If you are teaching an Original course:

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  1. Open your Original course.
  2. Locate an existing test/assignment or create a new test/assignment. 
  3. Click on the action arrow to open a test's contextual menu.

    Edit the Original test options

  4. Select Edit the Test Options.
  5. Scroll down to the Test Availability section.
  6. Check the box for password and enter the desired password. 

    Set the password in Original test

  7. Click on Submit.
If you are teaching an Ultra course:

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  1. Open your Ultra course.
  2. Locate an existing test/assignment or create a new test/assignment.
  3. Click on the gear icon to open the Settings panel.
  4. Scroll down to the Assessment Security section.
  5. Click Add access code.
  6. Click the toggle switch to turn the access code to On.

    Toggle Ultra access code to ON

  7. Ultra will randomly generate a 6-digit access code. This code cannot be customized.

    • Use the icons next to the access code to copy it or refresh to change the code. Only instructors can refresh and change the access code.

    • If you turn the code off and on again, the code remains the same.

  8. Select Continue. The access code appears in the Settings panel.

    • You can select the trash can icon to remove the code, which means students will no longer need a code to start or continue the assessment.

  9. Click SAVE. 

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