You can add HTML or CSS to an Ultra document using the HTML block. You must know how to write HTML to use this feature. See → What HTML tags can I use in Blackboard?

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  1. Go to your Ultra course.
  2. If appropriate, select the folder or learning module where your Ultra document should reside.
  3. Click the purple plus where you want to create the Ultra document.
  4. Select Create.
  5. Choose Document from the right-side peek panel.

  6. Give your Ultra document a name. By default, the title is New Document with the date.
  7. Click on Add HTML to create a block of HTML code.

  8. Write or copy/paste the HTML code into the blank field.
  9. Click SAVE.
  10. If correctly formatted, the HTML should render on the page.

Examples of HTML in Ultra

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Tips for Using HTML in Ultra

  • Google Form: Go to Send and click the embed tab. Change the width to 775px and the height to 900px before copy/paste to the HTML block. 

  • Google Doc: Go to  File → Publish to the Web and Click Embed on the tabs in the pop-up. Google does not give your height and width control so once you have pasted the embed into the HMTL editor, you'll need to add this code width="775px" height="900px" frameborder="0" immediately after the src=URL but before the bracket closes.

  • Google Slides: Go to  File → Publish to the Web and Click Embed on the tabs in the pop-up. You can specify the slide size: We recommend Medium. You will need to adjust the width and height, however, as medium is actually too wide for the Ultra document to effectively display. Change the width to 775px and the height to 500px.

  • Microsoft Office 365: Go to File → Share → Embed. Set the width to 775px and the height to 900px before copy/paste to the HTML block.