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The following list of Collaborate error codes and issues may help you understand what is happening when you have an issue attempting to access a live session.

Purple Spinning Wheel

  1. Clear Cache and re-launch your browser. 
  2. Check your browser settings to make sure that it allows cookies from Bb Collaborate site. 

See → How do I enable cookies to launch Bb Collaborate & avoid the purple spinning circle?

Enable cookies on Chrome:  

    1. On your computer, open Chrome. 
    2. At the top right, click ⋮ icon, then "Settings.”
    3. Under "Privacy and security," click "Site Settings", then "Cookies and site data.” 
    4. Next to "Allow," select the "Add" button. 
    5. Enter the web address: 

Enable cookies on Firefox 

    1. On your computer, open Firefox. 
    2. Click the ≡ icon on the top right and choose "Options." 
    3. Click “Privacy & Security.” 
    4. Scroll down to the “Cookies and Site Data” section. Then click the “Manage Permissions” button. 
    5. In the field of “Address of website,” type in, then click the “Allow” button.
    6. Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom right.

A00 - Unspecified authentication issue

Users may receive this error when attempting to launch a Collaborate Ultra session due to an unspecified authentication issue.

  • Verify that the session URL entered in your browser is valid. Check it against the URL that you were originally provided with and try again.
  • Clear the browser cache then try connecting to your session again. Be sure to use the original session URL you were provided with rather than reloading the page in your browser.
  • Try connecting to the session using an alternate browser.
  • Check to confirm that there are no known service disruptions that would prevent you from successfully connecting to a session.
  • Contact the session owner / moderator to confirm that the session URL you're using is still valid for the session you're attempting to join.

A01 - Poor network connection

When attempting to connect to an Ultra Collaborate session the authentication attempt timed out after 20 seconds. This is most often caused by poor network conditions.

  1. Attempt to connect to the session again.
  2. If that fails check the status board for a Collaborate outage in your region.
  3. If there are no outages then this could be caused by your network connection. Please review this article and follow the steps within.

A03 - Session not found or token invalid

The session URL is invalid. 

  • "Uh-Oh! This session does not exist" please contact the moderator to be sure the session has not been deleted.
  • "Uh-Oh! Something went wrong" please check the link you have were provided was copied and pasted correctly into your browser. Making sure you copied the full link.
  • "Uh-Oh! Something went wrong" check to see if the link you were provided was a single use "join" link. A "join" link will have "join" in the URL and is not reusable by other users. Example of a join link: hxxps://

If you were given a join link, please reach out to the moderator for a guest or invitee link.

There are other, rarer, reasons for an A03 error. If you still have issues, please open a technical support case in Behind the Blackboard and provide the link you are trying to use and name of the session (if known) to support.

A04 - Session unavailable

The URL that the user is trying to use is not available yet because the session is scheduled in the future. Users may receive the session link in advance of the session start time in an email.

Workaround #1 - This session hasn't started yet

    1. Go to the session settings and change the date
    2. Create a new session
    3. Wait for session to begin

Workaround #2 - Sorry! Guest access is not allowed at this time.

User will need to contact the moderator as guest access has been disabled for the session

Workaround #3 - Uh-oh! There was a problem joining the session.

    1. Please check your internet connection and refresh the browser
    2. Please try to join the session on a different browser
    3. If these two options do not work, please contact to your moderator for a new link

A05 - Single use invitation

You are attempting to join a session using a Join Link that has been copied and pasted into your web browser. Links to Collaborate sessions that include /join/ as part of the URL are single-use only. Connect to the session by clicking the Join session button in the Collaborate area of your Blackboard course, or request that the session organiser sends you a Guest Link.

A07 - Failure to rejoin session

You have lost access to the session and tried to re-join but failed. Reconnect to the session by clicking the Join session button in the Collaborate area of your Blackboard course, or request that the session organiser sends you a Guest Link.

J10 / J11  - Socket connection error

Collaborate Ultra requires an HTML 5 web socket connection be allowed on browsers and networking appliances such as proxy servers.  Users trying to connect from networks that do not allow HTML 5 Web Socket connections will be unable to launch a Collaborate Ultra Session.

The J10 and J11 error messages indicate that a network connection is blocking HTML 5 web socket connections.  These error messages are usually the direct result of a network firewall configuration issue on campus or at your workplace. Please have your local network administrator test to see if HTML 5 Web Socket connections are permitted on your network by following the instructions found in the following article.

You can also try accessing Collaborate Ultra from another network (coffee shop, local library, cellular hotspot) on the same computer.  If you are able to access Collaborate from another network, then this indicates that the school or workplace network firewall configuration is most likely the cause of the J10 or J11 error message that you are receiving.

The J10 and J11 error message almost always happen when a user is accessing from a school or work network.  However, if you are at home when this happens, please follow the home network troubleshooting steps found in the Collaborate Ultra home network troubleshooting guide found here.

M:WS4000  - Authorization Token Mismatch

M:WS4000 error indicates an authorization token mismatch in cases where a user has been improperly connected to or not completely disconnected from a Collaborate Ultra session when another launch event for the same session is detected using a new authorization token.

This error requires that the user attempt a second launch of the session from the original session or guest link, not a single use join link.

If you receive this error message you will need to close any Collaborate Ultra tabs or browser windows and then wait a few minutes before trying to access your session again.  This will close out any browser scripts that may still be communicating with the Collaborate Ultra session and allow Collaborate Ultra to mark the user as disconnected, clearing out any existing authentication tokens.

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