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Outdated versions of Respondus Lockdown Browser may not allow students to save short answer and essay questions while taking a Blackboard test due to an update in the underlying Chromium browser that powers the RLDB tool.

Students must make sure they are using the latest version of RLDB before taking a Blackboard test if the secure browser is required.

  • For Windows users, start RLDB, select the “i” button from the toolbar. The version will be displayed and you can also click on “Check for Newer Version.”

    If a newer version is available, you'll have the option to download and install it.  

  • For Mac users, start RLDB and then select “About” from the toolbar. The version will be displayed as shown above, and you can click “Check for Update" to see if a newer version is available. 

GETTING HELP: Live chat help is available within LockDown Browser when using Respondus Monitor. Chat agents can assist students with pre-exam issues related to the webcam and microphone. Click the the "Need More help?" button.

Existing installs of Respondus LockDown Browser will NOT be auto-updated at this time. Students must run the "Check for newer version" tool to download and install the update. Alternatively, students can run a fresh install using the UMBC-specific download link.