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You can remove participants, presenters, and captioners from a session at any time, whether it's because they are disruptive or because it's the end of the session. You cannot remove other moderators.

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  1. Point to a name on the list of participants.
  2. Click the overflow menu next to the participant's name to access the Attendee Controls

  3. Select Remove from session.

What happens from the participant's perspective?

First, they will see a notice on the screen that tells them they have been removed:

Can the participant rejoin the session?

It depends on how the session is configured:

  • If the participant joined from a course, they are notified about the disconnection and aren't allowed to reconnect.
  • If the session is open ended like the course room, the participant can rejoin after the moderator has left and rejoined the session. The participant can join the session again the next time the moderator joins.
  • If the participant joined from a guest link, they can use the guest link to join again right away.

To prevent students from rejoining a session, set up a dedicated session with a fixed end and require they use the provided join link