Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery

All visitors should see campus parking regulations at

Library Users / Visitors on Personal Business:

Visitors may park, with payment, at any meter; see meters themselves to see when they are in effect. The closest meters to the Library are located at the end of Walker Avenue and on the upper level of the Walker Avenue Garage.
The closest handicapped spaces are at the end of Walker Avenue, SE of the Library and on the upper level of the Walker Avenue Garage. State of Maryland laws regarding handicapped parking are in effect on the UMBC campus.

Visitors on Official Business:

Check with Library Administrative Office to verify that parking for the event is to be sponsored by and paid for the Library. Sponsors of the meetings should provide the names and preferred mailing addresses of attendees via email to Library Administrative Office. Parking hangers will be mailed to work addresses no later than 2 weeks prior to the meeting. Parking hangers will be mailed to home addresses no later than 1 week prior to the meeting. Parking hangers requested for meetings less than one week in the future may be handed out by sponsor the morning of the meeting. Repair and delivery vehicles may be parked at the loading dock or in designated space across Walker Ave.; inform Library staff if you park in those spaces, to avoid tickets; these spaces require display of a permit which is available from Library Accounting & Receiving staff (next to loading dock).

USM Staff with Parking Permits from Non-UMBC Campuses:

Parking Services is currently reviewing the reciprocal agreement with UMCP. At this time no other USM parking permit is honored at UMBC. (Per Helen Garland, Parking Services, 8/11/08).

Admissions Visitors:

Please consult with the Admissions Office regarding arrangements for visiting prospective students. Also, see rules for Library Users / Visitors, above.

Written 3/12/98, 8/11/08