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In Collaborate, the recording transcription feature is triggered by the instructor through the recording settings page for the session. 

  1. Log into your Collaborate session for your Blackboard class site.
  2. Access your recordings list and find your recording.
  3. Click the overflow menu (...) for your recording.
  4. Select the Recording settings for your recording.
  5. Toggle the Enable captions setting. Note: Only English is supported. 

  6. Select Create auto-caption.
  7. Click Save.

Tip: It may take time for the auto-captions to generate. You can leave the screen and come back later to view and share them. 

After the captions are created, captions are available from the recording list. The captions also immediately appear in the recording player for anybody having access to the recording. Collaborate leverages AI powered speech to text recognition to generate a transcription of what is said during the session. As with Panopto, if you want to improve or correct anything in the captions, you can download the caption file to edit and replace it.

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