General Use Case:

Multiple course sections may be merged into one Blackboard course shell. Without splitting the shell, reviewing the Ultra gradebook can be a bit cumbersome. This FAQ explains how instructors can use both the Group Management Tool and Gradebook Filters to better sort through their gradebook.

These steps have other applications including for group projects, discussion sections, teams, etc. 

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1. Create your groups using the CSV file.

2. Go to the Gradebook in your Ultra Course.

3. Change the view from List view to Grid View

4. Click the Filter button

5. The filter drawer will open up. You can choose any number of filters to sort through the gradebook.

6. Under Groups, select the group(s) and any other filter you wish to add that you want to sort the gradebook by, then click Apply. 

7. The Gradebook will display with only the students that meet the criteria of the filter(s). 

If you would like to save filters:

At this time, there is no way to save filters within Blackboard. HOWEVER, you can Bookmark the page, which will save the filters. Use the bookmark to access the filters again in the future. 

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