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Breakout groups are designed for group collaboration. Every participant in the group is a presenter. See → What are the different roles in Collaborate?

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  1. Open the Share Content panel from the Collaborate panel
  2. Select Breakout Groups.

  3. Assign Groups.
  4. Select Course group set.

  5. You may see a brief message, "Authorizing with LMS." A pop-up will open that automatically synchronizes to your course in the background. This will take a few moments, depending on the number of groups and the size of your enrollments.
  6. Select the group set from your course. You can only use groups created via 
  7. Select START.

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Participants will only see and hear what happens in the breakout room OR in the main room. Moderators can move between the main room or any breakout room.

Breakout rooms are NOT recorded.

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