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Tables are a common way for instructors and students to align and organize content in a customized manner, better suited to their own preferences. Tables are a new feature in Ultra courses as of October 2021. Tables can be added anywhere the content editor is available: Documents, tests, assignments, announcements, discussions, etc.

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  1. Go to your Ultra course and create a Document.
  2. Add content.
  3. Access the content editor.
  4. Select the Create or Edit Table icon from the content editor.
    Create table

  5. Select the number of rows and columns.

  6. Check the Header Row and/or Header Column.
    Select table header

    Accessible tables need specific markup to identify header and data cells, defining their relationship in the table. Assistive technology uses this markup to provide context for users.
  7. Click on the field to enter your text. 
    NOTE: At this time, you cannot navigate table fields using keyboard tabs.
  8. After entering the data, click SAVE.

Table Formatting

Table formatting includes:

  • Text Style
  • Alignment options
  • List Attachment
  • Insert content