Position: Senior Executive Leader-Chief, Talent Learning & Development, National Security Agency

Company: National Security Agency (NSA)

Location: Fort Meade, MD

Closes: March 28, 2022

Responsibilities: Serves in an official position of Defense Senior Executive Level Leader regardless of his/her organizational level. Assures that the Agency achieves its mission by developing its major programs, goals, and plans. Responsible for the overall success or failure of Agency programs and initiatives, and delegates program implementation tasks--the day-to-day or functional work activities--to mid-level managers. Considers Agency goals and performance strategically, by setting the Agency's overall direction via its strategic plans. As a result, often works with people and organizations outside his/her immediate organization--to include the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense at large--to defend controversial or critical long-range NSA plans. Provides authoritative advice, serves as NSA spokesperson, and is ultimately accountable for effective and efficient Agency operations and its compliance with policy (to include approving out-year budget documents). Exhibits leadership competencies and behaviors for all to follow, as well as offers mentoring opportunities to subordinates to ensure the development of a cadre of future Senior Leaders. The Workforce Support Activities (WSA) Directorate is seeking a dynamic leader with deep expertise in leading academic institutions and adult learning best practices to be the Chief of the Talent Learning and Development (TL&D) Group. The group consolidates learning (National Cryptologic University) and development (Workforce Development Group) functions to provide an array of education, training, professional development, career guidance, and leader development services, including 26 Skill Communities and 47 Career Development Programs. Managing and delivering 100 curricula and more than 1100 courses, the group assures mission readiness of a professional and highly technical workforce across 8 campuses and approximately 20 additional locations around the world. The group also superintends training standards and operational requirements for cryptologic training at military cryptologic service schools and maintains oversight and direction of military and civilian cryptologic and cryptologic-related training in the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC) enterprise-wide.

Key Objectives: 

  • Lead an organization of subject matter experts, educators, and program managers in establishing and implementing a vision for the development and training of a workforce charged with carrying out a complex and highly technical mission 
  • Set realistic but challenging goals, create collaborative constructs, and deliver outcomes that result in end-to-end learning and development opportunities that reflect cutting-edge adult learning practices and approaches 
  • Deliver an integrated presentation of learning and development curricula and services across the Enterprise that address core Agency skill areas including foreign language and intelligence analysis, a range of STEM applications, and leadership and management
  • Champion the TL&D Requirements Council to achieve an integrated Agency approach to establishing TL&D priorities for learning and development
  • Cultivate virtual and self-help paradigms for networking with solution providers and, where appropriate, delivery of learning and development content
  • Nurture the group's collaborative relationship with the IC and DoD in fulfillment of the IC Education and Training Strategy and Implementation Plan and other programs and relationships related to talent health and development
  • Build a team of highly-motivated, imaginative and hard-charging professionals with associated skills necessary to drive a culture of change that will result in the group's long term success in supporting an ever-evolving Agency mission
  • Determine and maintain the optimal mix of civilian, military and contractor skills to address continuing and surge requirements
  • Develop and implement group strategic plans, goals and performance metrics
  • Assess workforce characteristics and future needs based on the Agency's mission and strategic plan
  • Foster a close and continuing partnership among TL&D, the Security & Counterintelligence Group and the Installations & Logistics Group to best design and implement WSA priorities in an organized and cohesive manner


  • Minimum 10 years of experience in leading academic institutions or programs
  • Educational background or relevant work experience that demonstrates expertise in the fields of adult education and innovative learning techniques and approaches
  • A strong interest and belief in the value of education, training and development of the NSA workforce
  • A proven leader capable of inspiring, developing, and retaining a large and diverse workforce
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills to maintain relationships of trust and confidence at all levels and with the workforce
  • Broad knowledge of NSA's mission, the Workforce Support Activities Directorate mission and NSA's role in the IC and DoD, based on diverse leadership experience
  • Experience managing a large budget\

Visit NSA Job Listing 1179012. 

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