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The UMBC Travel System is an online, integrated system that is used to facilitate the travel processes at UMBC. It supports published policies and procedures with an automated method to obtain authorization prior to travel (Pre-Approval) and submit travel related expenses for reimbursement from the State of Maryland when travel is complete.

Some of the many features include:

  • archival storage for travel documents and receipts
  • archived travel-related communications
  • division of security roles to prevent conflict of interest (a traveler cannot approver their own expenses)
  • automated integration with UMBC approved travel agencies
  • autofill and calculation for per diem based on travel location  
  • Automated chart string validation using a PeopleSoft interface, supporting shared travel expenses among multiple departments
  • DocuSign integration to facilitate quick approvals and eliminate paper processing
  • Supports extended travel (longer than a week). Pre-Approval and Reimbursement duration dates must match.

The boxes shaded in blue are part of UMBC Travel System processing.

Note that reimbursement payments that rely on State of Maryland processing are external to UMBC.

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