This feature will be released to the Ultra gradebook in the June 2022 update. Once available, you will no longer need to use a calculated column.

Tell Me: Toggle Overall Grade Settings

  1. Access your Ultra course and select the gradebook from the top menu.
  2. If you have not set up the Overall Grade, select this to begin.

    If you already set the Overall Grade, you will need to edit it.
  3. Check the box, "Base calculation on points earned out of total graded points."
  4. Select how the Overall Grade should appear to students (percentage or letter).
  5. Check the box, Show to Students."
  6. Click SAVE

What Students See

Students can see the Overall Grade and calculation details from the information icon in their Gradebook. The student may also select the Overall Grade pill to see calculation details.

Tell Me: Create a Calculated Column

  1. Access your Ultra course and select the gradebook from the top menu. Select either the list or spreadsheet view.
  2. Click the purple (+) to add a Calculation.

  3. Name the calculated column – for example, Running Total – and include a description so students understand the purpose of the column. 
  4. Set the column's visibility so students can see it.

  5. Select Total from the Functions & Variables column.

  6. Expand the Total variable and select categories and/or individual assignments to tally up the total points earned in the course. 

  7. Click the Validate link above the Functions & Variables column to test your calculation. If it is configured properly, you will see a green check mark.

  8. Click the purple X in the top left corner of the panel to close.
You can mix categories and assignments in a Calculation. Anything earned by the student in these categories or assignments will feed into this calculated total.

What Students See