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To begin the Travel Pre-Approval Process, click on the green “Create Pre-Approval Button” from the main screen:

Who is traveling?

  • Select the appropriate radio button to identify whether you are the traveler, or completing the travel request on behalf of an individual that has granted you permission to do so.
  • If you are completing this request on behalf of another traveler, that traveler must grant prior permission using their profile options. (See Travel System Profile Information). Select their name from the dropdown list. You will be listed as the preparer.

Enter Title and Travel Date Range (Mandatory Fields)

  • Enter a meaningful Title/Label for this travel item. A title is mandatory. Each trip is assigned a unique ID number, but this is a way to easily identify your travel by name.
  • Enter the start and end dates for this travel event. Dates must be later than the current date.
  • The trip title and start/end dates will show up as part of the "detail" tab, and may be changed at any time prior to submitting the Pre-Approval for review.


Click "Create Pre-Approval Request". It may take a few seconds to complete all of the background work before displaying the next screen. A small rotating circle will display at the top of the screen as an indicator that it's working hard to set things up!


A message will be logged in the Communications section titled "PA-Request Created".  Details including date, the person that initiated the travel request, etc. can be found here.

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