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The traveler (or a preparer for the travel), can begin the reimbursement process by navigating to the Main Section of the Travel System and choosing “Reimbursements”, then “Create Reimbursement” on the right.


The system will ask if you have an existing Pre-Approval for this travel.

If you indicate Yes, it will retrieve your list of approved Pre-Approval requests to choose from.  You can then choose from your list of Pre-Approvals and choose “create reimbursement.”

If you indicate No, it will ask you if the travel involved an overnight stay and whether the traveler went out of state.

If the travel involved an overnight stay or the traveler went out of state, the system will return the answer that the reimbursement request required a travel pre-approval and to proceed with the reimbursement, a memo of explanation is required, and that the request will automatically route to the next higher authority for approval.  It will continue by requesting the information that would have been collected during the pre-approval process.

If the travel did not involve going out of state, nor overnight, the reimbursement will proceed with no message.


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