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  1. Access your gradebook in your Ultra course.
  2. Edit the Overall Grade.
  3. Apply the tools to link, unlink, lock, unlock, or exclude items and categories from the overall grade.

     Expand a category to unlink an assignment within that category and weigh it separately.
     Unlink to weight an item independently from its category.
     Lock to keep weight changes applied to an item or category.
     Unlock to let the system distribute weights automatically.
    Exclude an item or category from the calculation for the overall grade.

  4. These settings apply to any category or gradable item including discussions, journals, tests, and assignments.


Weighting applied to a category applies to the category as a whole. But, the items within the category will be proportionally weighted based on their underlying max points values. If you want the assessments within the category to be equally weighted, they need to have the same max points value.


In this example, the Group Assignment is graded separately from all other assignments. It appears at the top of the Overall Grade calculations at 20% while the rest of the assignment are calculated at 12.5%. Homework and Journal categories are excluded so they are calculated at zero percentage toward the final grade.