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Batch creating groups requires a CSV template, which you download from Blackboard.  

For both Original and Ultra courses:

  1. Open the CSV. Be sure to leave the headers in place.
  2. The Group Code and Title must be unique for each group.
  3. The Group Set must be the SAME for all groups.
  4. Description is optional.
  5. If you enter Y for self-enroll, then students can add themselves to the group. If you enter N, then you must assign students to the groups.

After you open this CSV file in Excel, please be sure to save it as CSV.

You should receive an email when your groups list has been processed.

If you are teaching an ORIGINAL course

Additional Settings

  • Enter Y (yes) or N (no) to:
    • Allow students to personalize the group
    • Show membership to students
    • Make the group available
  • The group is self-enrollment:
    • Enter a number for the maximum number of students for the group enrollment
    • Enter text for sign-up instructions and sign-up names.
If you are teaching an ULTRA course

No Additional Settings

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