Access Poll Everywhere using your UMBC credentials.

Poll Everywhere

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  1. Login to Poll Everywhere using your UMBC credentials (
  2. If you have not already done so, request institutional access to upgrade your Poll Everywhere account.
  3. If you plan to use Poll Everywhere activities for assessments, sync your Blackboard roster to Poll Everywhere.
  4. Create and manage Poll Everywhere activities (poll questions).
  5. Share the Student FAQ information with your students before presenting your first poll.
  6. Present Poll Everywhere activities directly from the Poll Everywhere website or from available slide integrations and applications.
  7. Review reports and send participant/student response data to Blackboard.

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Share the options to download and install the available participant response apps with your students or respondents:

Note: Students should use UMBC sign-on to respond to Poll Everywhere activities. UMBC sign-on is required to capture student responses for attendance, quizzing, participation, or other assessments that will be exported to Blackboard.

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