Device sharing or sharing poll questions is a common form of cheating. However, limiting access to Poll Everywhere questions may reduce cheating. 

Instructors using their UMBC Poll Everywhere presenter accounts may hide the activity titles (questions) in their Poll Everywhere activities from students' devices. Instructors can display the poll questions in the classroom (in person or virtually), while limiting access to the poll questions for students who are not in class.

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Show activity title

Showing the activity title means that students will see the poll question on their devices. Students accessing the poll from any location will see both the poll question and answer choices.

Hide activity title

Instructors may hide the activity title (poll question) from view on students' devices. If the activity title is hidden, students will only see the answer choices on their devices. The instructor's presentation view will still display the activity title, so students attending class will see the poll question.

Modify Activity Settings

Activity title visibility default settings can be updated in your Poll Everywhere Activity Settings.

The setting can be configured for individual activities in the activity's Response Settings.

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