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This account is only available to UMBC departments and their staff. Requests for student staff must come from a department staff member.
In order to be eligible to use this functionality of AD, your supervisor must contact the DoIT Tech Support to request access to this service, by visiting and request access to the "Active Directory terminal server."
  1. Start an Internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to and Login with your myUMBC login name and Password when prompted*. (Click here to see instructions on how to connect via VPN.)
  3. From the Start button in Windows goto:Program Files -> Accessories ->Communications -> Remote Desktop Connection
    Note: Your PC must be running Windows
  4. In the available text field enter: Next click Options
  5. Next select Local Resources. Select Disk Drives and Printers from the Local Devices box. This will allow you to move files between the terminal server and your local hard drive
    Click Connect
  6. Your screen will change color reflecting the connection to Active Directory. You will be prompted for your username and password. Enter the username and password that you use to log onto your on-campus office computer.  You will use the format AD\username where username is your username.  Click OK
  7. Once Remote Desktop displays the remote system, you should see something similar to your local desktop. Doubleclick the "My Computer" icon. Take note that your H: drive shows up in the explorer window. In addition your local computer drives show within the My Computer on the remote machine. This is perfectly normal (and safe). You will have access to both your local machine and the remote machine drives from this same window. "C on machine_name" will be your own personal computer that you are using to access AD. By double-clicking it will allow you to browse all files on your machine

NOTE: Printing to Departmental Network Printers is NOT enabled while using Terminal Server for security reasons.

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