The Course Settings in an Ultra course display several settings that may or may not be customizable by an instructor. Permissions for some settings are configured by UMBC's Blackboard administrators and cannot be modified.

At this time, the following settings cannot be disabled by the instructor:

  • Messages: The messaging tool allows students to reach out with questions, concerns, and feedback, fostering a supportive learning community. Messages are the only way to send emailed communication within an Ultra course.
  • Class Roster: The roster is disabled for student privacy, but instructors, TAs, and graders have access.
  • Class Collaborate: This web conferencing tool is the primary integration for synchronous engagement in Blackboard. Maintaining its placement is essential to ensure students can access live sessions when used.
  • Progress Tracking: This tool allows students to track their course progress related to your course content, assignments, and tests. It also provides insight to instructors about how students interact with course content. Note: Instructors are not required to review the Progress Tracking analytics. 
  • Course Duration: Maintaining a standard duration ensures students can find their courses every semester. Faculty are free to make courses available or unavailable according to preference or need.

These tools provide a cohesive experience for all users, especially students.

For more information, please see → What can I customize and manage in my Ultra course?

Course Settings