To copy a prior course into your current or upcoming Blackboard course shell, please use the Course Copy tool. Please do not try to export and import your prior course.

This FAQ is for importing a course package to your Blackboard course. If you want to import a ZIP file of documents, please reference this FAQ. Prior to importing course content you need to have created an export package of the content from your old Bb course, and saved that ZIP file to your local computer.  See this FAQ for details on that process.

Show Me: Original

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Tell Me: Original

Go to the new course, where you want the content to appear.

  1. In the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities and Import Package/View Logs.
  2. Click Import Package.
  3. Browse your computer for the course export ZIP file.
  4. Select the components to import (include settings - you may have duplicate buttons for the standard buttons but you will see the empty box icon and you can delete them).
    Note: If the user does not select the appropriate content areas corresponding with the export package then the imported files will not be imported into a content area (they will be orphaned under Control Panel > Files).
  5. Click Submit.

Tell Me: Ultra

Go to the new course, where you want the content to appear.

Ultra courses can only accept Ultra course packages. You cannot import an Original course package. 

Make sure that your new shell is ready for import by converting it to the Ultra Experience

  1. Navigate to the the three dots in the top right of your course. 
  2. Click Import Content.
  3. Click Import Course Content.
  4. Browse your computer for the course export ZIP file.
  5. Click Submit.

When the import process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

NOTE: This process can take a substantial amount of time, even AFTER you've received a confirmation email. Be patient. Re-submitting the file will not speed this up and will only result in multiple copies of your course files.

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